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Build a Consulting Practice That Works For You, Not The Other Way Around.




Join Max for his 1 hour small group workshops to increase your personal freedom while running a solo-consulting practice.

You'll walk away prioritizing your personal life and making business decisions that work for you, not the other way around.

If you work your a** off as a solo consultant but need to see a greater return on your efforts, these workshops are for you.


Personal Freedom in Consulting

You'll walk away with a more focused plan for Q1 2023. 
One that puts your personal life first and serves as a guide to business decisions that benefit your personal and financial health.

Friday February 3rd @12:00p EST
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Part 1: Self Awareness Breakthroughs in personal freedom require us to do more high impact activities and less low impact activities. Sounds simple, but because we have such short memories we tend to avoid deep reflection on how we actually spend our time and the impact of those various activities on our personal and professional lives.
Part 2: Greatest Opportunity "A plan, even a bad one, gives your brain permission to focus". We'll focus on ONE objective with the greatest impact on your personal and professional life. This will be the north star for all your decision making in Q1 2023.
Part 3: 90 Day Plan Now that you're self-aware and highly focused we can make a list of your most powerful contributions to the business. What innovations and marketing activity will allow you to establish or maintain a price premium? What systems must be created to make your sales and consulting efforts more efficient? What tasks must be delegated to support roles so that you can do more of what you do best?

You'll walk away with a simplified, sharpened, sexy consulting offer that commands a premium price so you don't have to work ALL THE TIME.

Friday February 17th @12:00p EST 
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Tuesday February 28th @2pm EST
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Part 1: The Most Valuable Process What do you do that is most valuable AND difficult to replace? This is the most important question when you're selling knowledge. We'll look at your natural born tendencies, industry experience and the problems you've solved in the market to sharpen your positioning.
Part 2: Turn the Intangible, Tangible Knowledge is difficult to sell because people are used to buying things they can touch and feel. We'll turn your knowledge into a tangible product by answering three important questions: What do they get? How do they get it? How do they pay you?
Part 3: An Offer They Can't Refuse To accelerate sales and qualify prospects we'll need an offer that is quick and easy to say yes to: one that puts your super power on display and naturally leads to your core consulting offer.
Unlimited Access to Ideal Clients

You'll walk away with a formula for closing ONE new high ticket consulting client every month.

Friday March 17th @12:00 EST 
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Friday March 24th @12:00 EST
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Workshop Agenda
Part 1: Who Will Pay You The Most? As consultants, the price we can charge is based on PERCEIVED value, not actual value. This makes WHO you sell to even more important than WHAT you're.
Part 2: Unlimited Access to Ideal Clients We'll decide how you'll contribute knowledge to your target market - your Noble Contribution. When don't correctly a Noble Contribution is used to achieve a 25% cold outreach to conversation ratio. Any salesperson will say that's bullsh*t. Lucky for you, it's not.
Part 3: An Offer They Can't Refuse To accelerate sales and qualify prospects we'll need an offer that is quick and easy to say yes to: one that puts your super power on display and naturally leads to your core consulting offer. We'll practice aligning our initial offer with a prospects EXISTING INITIATIVES so they say yes or no quickly.


Max's Workbook for Doing Things Better: Breakthroughs for Consultants in Planning, Service and Sales.


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What solo-consultants are saying

"The work is not for sissies. I went from charging $2,000 per month to $25,000 per month and complained the whole time"

- Jeffrey Deckman | Stevie Awards' Innovator of the Year - 21st Century Leadership

"Last year I made 4x the money with half the clients and got 109 days on my bike, 19 days skiing, 30 days in the gym and 62 days surfing"

Kory Kirby | Book designer turned publishing strategist

"I finally have the confidence to tell my clients that I AM more than they are asking for, and raise my prices from 60k to 90k engagements".

Stefanie Borsari | Philanthropy Consulting and Strategy