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Join us in the TapRoom
I help service providers do consulting better.
The organizations I work with maintain strong relationships with their clients’ executive teams.
The Results
They’ve got strong positioning

They charge more because they’re perceived as specialized strategic

partners, not tactical vendors.

They’ve documented their process

Their consultants operate with precision because they’re equipped the

procedures & templates to do so.

They maximize value for executive teams

Their clients buy more and stick around for longer.

Let’s talk about your consulting services
What to Expect
Strategic plans & tactical resources that guide teams and provide value long after our work together.
The Deliverables

1) Revenue Benchmark & Services Roadmap
Used by leadership to identify both financial and strategic opportunities for the services team

2. Service Positioning
Used by marketing and sales teams to show unique value to ideal clients and charge a premium for services.

3. Service Operations
Standardized procedures, communications templates and deliverables to consistently deliver results.

4. Development Plan for Consultants
Informs how consultants will be supported to strengthen and maintain their relationships with their clients’ executive teams.

The Process

1. Create a Plan & Benchmark Performance (Week 1)
I’ll facilitate workshops with your leadership team to ensure we focus on things impact your most important business objectives.

2. Position & Sell the Service (Week 2)
We’ll create the sales materials to test the service with existing & past clients so we can quickly secure a paid pilot engagement.

3. Build the Service (4-6 Weeks)
We’ll create procedures, communication templates and deliverables to assist your consulting team in delivering the service.

4. Expand the Service (6-9 Months)
We’ll support the consulting, sales and marketing teams to integrate the service with existing clients & new opportunities.

Where do we start?

Services Strategy Workshop (60 Min)

You bring your business plan and objectives. I’ll bring new ideas, strong opinions & real stories. We’ll discover the strategic and/or financial opportunities for working together and I’ll document those opportunities and actionable steps for your leadership team.

Let’s talk about your services
Just to make sure we’re all paying attention.
"A pleasure to work with."
$2,000 per month to $25,000 per month
helped me build an overflowing pipeline.
Highly recommend
image 114

“Max productized our key strategic service offering (VCIO). He quickly communicated what we needed to hear, in a way that the team could receive. Smart guy & a pleasure to work with.”

Chris Thomas
CEO of Red Button
Group 243
“The work is difficult. I went from charging $2,000 per month to $25,000 per month and complained the whole time.”
Jeffrey Deckman
Stevie Awards’ Innovator of the Year - 21st Century Leadership
Group 241 (1)
“In a short time, Max's guidance has help me build an overflowing pipeline of work. He (and his team) have helped me prioritize, productize, and hone my offering, as well as define both my ideal customers and how to reach them.”
Gray Joyce
creative director / mentor / founder
Chris Phyland

“Max is the ultimate sales person. Combine this with a knack for "productizing" and you get a powerful resource to help power your business. Highly recommend.”

Chris Phyland
Global CEO at The Brand Power Company

Resultant’s Story

 An IT Service Provider

“The acquisition follows a historic period of growth for Resultant—Resultant was able to meet five-year investor goals in fewer than 18 months.”

-Press release covering Resultant’s acquisition by Investcorp

asdWe want margin!
The board charged Resultant’s CEO with improving profit margins across all service lines: an important part of their five year investor goals.
asdThe key: “business” assessments
Clients who invested in business assessments and quarterly reviews showed the highest margins & strongest relationships

However a majority of clients started with a quick “fix it” project and did not want to invest in an assessment or strategic services. Resultant also struggled to deliver business assessments at scale because few people had the experience and consulting skills required.
asdThe solution: sexy & scalable consulting services
In 6 weeks we branded a consulting methodology that clients DID want to buy and would maximize cross sell opportunities. We tested  the process with two existing clients.
One client success manager uncovered $250,000 in new project and recurring services potential during their first business assessment.
Great - Now let’s change the way we do things…
  • Templates & training for client success managers
  • Supported sales to go beyond projects and talk strategy
  • Aligned marketing content with a “strategy first” approach