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Next Product Workshop, Thursday, March 26th at 2:00 pm ET

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You’ll be selling a consulting service in two weeks and have a productized operating system in three months.

  • Positioning your Unique Process
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Sales and Service Templates
  • Go-to-Market Support


What’s included, work process and support options.


  • Increased Price Premiums
  • Service Efficiency
  • Improved Morale
  • Better Client Relations
  • Unique Positioning
  • Simplified Service Menu

“Max is helping me build a fast-growing, wildly profitable, scalable business that can thrive without me by helping me turn my knowledge into a product and a predictable, recurring revenue stream.”

Dr. Roxie Mooney, Commercialization Strategy for Healthcare Innovators


“Max found a way we could offer maximum value during COVID-19.”

Steve St. Clair, Trouble Group

“Incredibly effective. Multiple actionables to bring to our clients”

Steve Schuster, CEO Rainier Communications

“Max quickly helped us re-package our service offering to maximize client velocity and ROI.”

Nathan Harris, New Perspective

“You are showing me a process and methodology that helps me be more focused and disciplined. I have 30 things to do at any given time and your systems are helping me prioritize, mobilize, and then realize more of my goals.”

Jeffrey Deckman, Award-winning author, business coach, and entrepreneur JeffreyDeckman.com

“Max gave us the tools we needed to unstick our pipeline."

Nicole Mahoney, CEO Break the Ice Media

“We now have a pathway and a formula we can tailor for each prospect."

Ann Marie Parnell, CEO Clarity Speach Coaching

“ What was most valuable was figuring out how to build the list of people to reach out to."

Rafi Salazar, CEO, Rehab Practice Solutions

“You guys are on it! You helped me put together a prospecting process and pushed me to the podcast which I’ve been wanting to do. No wasted time. So much value. It's refreshing”

Maria Ross, Speaker - Brand Strategist - Author, Red Slice

“The positioning of helping nonprofits helped them make a clear connection between their industry and my skill set. It feels good going to market with a finite offering that creates opportunities for passive revenue on the backend. The outreach strategy is working crazy well; I've never had so many conversations with prospects.”

Steven Aguiar, Founder and Full-Stack Marketer


Content Marketer’s Blueprint™

Licensed content marketing strategy for attracting and nurturing ideal buyers to a point of sale.

Linkedin Conversion Playbook™

Market research, messaging templates and process documentation to fill the sales pipeline.

Lawson’s Positioning Framework™

Tailored workshops and research which produce a differentiated positioning statement and support points.

Customer Journey Blueprint™

Maps customer interactions with people and technology through marketing, sales and customer success.

Landscape Business Accelerator

Content marketing, website and sales strategy for mid-size landscape businesses.

Commercialization of Innovation™

Strategic plan for healthcare innovators to penetrate the first 16% of the target market.


A plan to build and enable a distributed content marketing team in-house or outsourced.


Networking groups of non-competing professionals who share a common target audience.

Market Pivot™

Positioning and demand generation strategy helping established products break into new markets.

Go-to-Market Roadmap™

Consumer insights, positioning and penetration strategy for innovative consumer products.

Pipeline Development Framework™

Content marketing, website and sales strategy for mid-size landscape businesses.