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Max's Decelerator Program

A system to help marketing innovators gain more freedom by packaging and selling their knowledge, because knowledge is priceless.

  1. Identify your unique and valuable knowledge
  2. Write it down, so others can deliver it for you
  3. Test it, because great power comes with some responsibility
  4. Sell it, because you deserve more freedom
Decelerator Program Guide

Who should join, what’s included, what to expect in the first 3 months.

Decelerator Program Guide

Are You Qualified?

  • Experience: You must have experience delivering marketing services, the more the better.
  • A life: You must have (or aspire to have) a personal life.
  • Solo-practitioners and agency owners welcome.


  1. Stupidly high profit margins
  2. Powerful personal brand
  3. Employee retention
  4. Improved client relationships
  5. Unique positioning
  6. Simplified services menu
“Max is helping me build a fast-growing, wildly profitable, scalable business that can thrive without me by helping me turn my knowledge into a product and a predictable, recurring revenue stream.”

Dr. Roxie Mooney, Commercialization Strategy for Healthcare Innovators


Real-time feedback from Max’s Decelerator Program Participants.